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Testing for MLV's!


Daughters High School Graduation
Upstate SC, USA
A very prominent reference lab is developing an antibody test. It is my understanding that the focus on antibody detection is because the developers feel that the presence of antibodies are more stable than detectable viral particles at this time.

This information was dated two months ago.

I'm editing out the name of the lab as I have been told that the developer of the test, while very sympathetic to the needs of CFS patients and the severity of our illness, is "not really used to or enjoying the attention" associated with the controversial aspects of CFS, especially the politics.

I'll post as soon as I learn that the test is available or if I learn of a release date (assuming that 30 other people haven't already beaten me to it).

FWIW, calling or e-mailing the developer or the lab before the test is available is unlikely to accomplish anything except to divert attention and resources from the task of developing the test and will likely delay the release of the test. I am pretty sure that there will be a press release.

Lastly, it is my understanding (although it is not reflected in the above text) that the antibody test will detect MLV's.

Thanks CBS for the info and I certainly understand the labs position. I for one will be very glad when this politics gets settled down and doctors, researchers and labs can do their work without having to dance around it all the time!