Symptoms By Deadlock Quartet and other nutrients


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I will post this here as well. You never know who else this could apply to.
I followed your suggestion and had been taking high dose mB12 = 2 x 1mg injections a day, 30 mg mB12 (AOR) s.l. and 8 mg adB12, plus the other complimentary vitamins etc. I am recovering well.
My level was just above normal and "right where my Dr wants it". I am trying to figure out how 58 years worth of B12 daily with about 8-9 years absorbed only produces this kind of level. I have read enough to have picked up that real neuron healing seems to occur when the level clears 1000 pmol.
So, I have increased. But am not entirely comfortable with the idea. I don't know whether cobalt poisoning is a real threat or just theoretical - I still have a lot of wiggle room between where I am and some people who pushed 30 mg/day injected.
I have TCN2++. Is this enzyme needed to escort B12 in for the s.l.? In the early days, adB12 s.l. gave me a lift so I have not been able to reconcile this theory as I seem to absorb s.l. doses. Where is all the B12 going that it is not ending up in my blood test that was taken after my morning needle with a piece of mB12 stuck in my cheek? brad
Fredd, I have a lot of these issues in sev. of the list you posted. If you could read my org. post I posted, that might help too. But I would really like to start your protocol, but I am not sure how I should start, ie: how many, dosage, etc... I have been having a lot of pain issues and losing weight, so very easily fatigued. Just need a good outline of what to get, how to start, and where to find it all, also lmtd budget. I am housebound pretty much, I get out about 1 a week-10 days. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me, I am in the easily overwhelmed/brain fatigue from reading/comp. But, so much sounds like my current issues.