Swimming pool at home

Recently, I spent a couple of weeks at the tropical villa with a decent size outdoor pool.

I noticed that everyday I had enough energy to get into the pool at least 3 times per day. On some days, there were 5 or 6 sessions. Sometimes, it was just a 5 minute session, and often it was as long as 40-50 mins.

My food cravings went away right away - I totally switched to meat/eggs, greens, rice and potato only. (Well, plus a Diet Cola as a dessert).

Still, I had little energy to go outside, to communicate with the staff, my sleep was a bit better but still very poor etc.

My situation was quite paradoxical - sometimes I could spend an hour in the pool doing extremely active exercises, but between those I could still barely move my legs, especially in the mornings. After swimming, I spent most of the time resting on a beach chair at the villa.

I believe the key moment was the fact that there were literally zero efforts to get into the pool - because of the tropical weather I was wearing only shorts (and occasionally a t-shirt), so I just jumped into the pool it whenever I felt I had energy for it. No preparation, no gathering, no time to think whether I wanted it or not. I was living alone, so no distractions, no worries etc.

Then I got a stomach bug so I could not swim anymore, my energy level went down immediately and when I got better I had to return to my home country...

Now, everyday I remember this experience and despite the complete lack of energy I feel that I want to jump into a warm pool right away if only I had one right in front of me. When I imagine that in my head I literally feel how swimming gives me energy.

There is a pool in a spa complex just 5 minutes of walk from my home, but I understand (and feel in the same way as above) that I will spend way too much energy to gather for it, to go outside and get there, to communicate with the staff and other visitors and and to return back home from there. And the result will be net negative in terms of energy. Plus, I tried public pools many times before and each time I had a major crash right after the first visit.

So, my next big treatment trial is to find a way to live (or at least to spend several months) in a place with the swimming pool right next to my bedroom so I could swim and rest whenever I want.

I wonder if anyone here had a similar positive experience from home pool swimming.
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We had a pool at one time and had it removed and landfill put in b/c my husband had 2 cardiac arrests (b/c of his own fault, I may add). He was using malathion on a very windy and humid day. A very close call, so that was that. He did recover after his coma, but it was long and difficult time. A word of caution. If you're going to a resort at any point, make certain poisons haven't been sprayed as many have them sprayed each day.

We got rid of the pool b/c he couldn't tolerate being near any chemicals, including the ones needed for the pool. I'm not complaining; it was a good decision.

Personally, I never found any real relief from the pool, which would be expected in my case. I don't like the heat and the constant beating of the sunshine. Others find it very helpful.

I think it comes back to that old nugget that we're all different (similar in many ways, but still possibly different). After 36 or more years I have no more answers than I did at the beginning. Oh, I know certain things help....but it's just not a clear answer, which makes us incredibly hard to diagnose.

If a pool works for you, then go for it! It may be just what you need. Yours, Lenora


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We got rid of the pool b/c he couldn't tolerate being near any chemicals

That's what I was going to say...the chemicals. Lots of us are sensitive to chlorine.

I spent a couple of weeks at the tropical villa with a decent size outdoor pool.

I wonder if it had more to do with you being in a tropical location and being outdoors.

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The public pool I go to uses an Ozone sanitation system - so I don't get irritated eyes. :nerd:

Ozone Swim is 3,500 times faster at killing bacteria than chlorine making it one of the most powerful and effective sanitation systems on the market. If pool water is treated just with chlorine alone, at certain levels, it will take approximately 16 minutes for viruses to be killed.

Source: Why Ozone is the healthiest option for your pool
I wonder if it had more to do with you being in a tropical location and being outdoors.

I am sure it did at some degree. I don't tolerate cold well and my legs and feet feel cold inside almost all the time. So, being in a constantly warm environment was definitely a positive factor.

Yet, I don't think it has anything to do with the D vitamin as I spent almost zero time at sun and put a lot of sunscreen every time I had to be outside. Since being a child, I do not tolerate sun very well too - my skin gets red and very itchy.