Status of Rituximab-ME/CFS Studies


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I wonder how other immune stimulants/modulators like ampligen and immunovir etc but mainly ampligen, im thinking as many people improve on this and this increase nk cell and t cell function, but doesnt affect/kill b-cells, maybe it does something to stop new b-cells being infected, if its b cells being infected is the theory, or depleting b-cells somehow turns on the lazy t cells and nk cells to work properly??
The immune system is a complicated web?? Its really speculation how ritux works in cfs/me.
I think they need to really look at treatments like ritux and ampligen that have dramatically improved some people and work backwards, trying to figure out how they help cfs/me.
From the paper anciendaze found

Here we show that, upon cell contact, T cells acquire from Bcells small RNAs that can impact the expression of target genes in the recipient T cells. Synthetic microRNA (miRNA) mimetics,viral miRNAs expressed by infected B cells, and endogenous miRNAs could all be transferred into T cells. These mechanisms may allow small RNA-mediated communication between immune cells.The documented transfer of viral miRNAs raises the possible exploitation of these pathways for viral manipulation of the host immune response.
My guess: If new Tcells are spared from this they might work properly but it will take time to get enouigh healthy Tcells.

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"Ocrelizumab has previously been investigated as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis but studies were discontinued because of a high incidence of opportunistic infections in participants. Opportunistic infections are infections that do not normally occur in a healthy person but may occur when the immune system is compromised."

This new B cell depletion drug, Ocrelizumab, has not been safer than Rituxan. Rituxan has been approved for years in RA with a good safety profile.