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Stanford Study on PEM and Crashes Recruiting


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I recently saw that Snyder Lab at Stanford University is recruiting people for their study on PEM and crashes. Participants have to be in the United States with ME/CFS, Long Covid, or chronic Lyme, and must have PEM that lasts at least 24 hours. It looks like they'll send you a kit to collect fingerprick blood samples, a FitBit, and a S-Patch which collects ECG data as well as daily questionnaires.



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U.S., Earth
The Snyder lab seems to have an interest in using wearable technology for health purposes.

Here is some more brief info about this study:
Individuals with Long COVID, ME/CFS, or PTLDS may experience symptom flares accompanied by profound fatigue that is triggered by activity, stress, or other factors. These flares, symptoms and fatigue are called post-exertional malaise (PEM) or a “crash”.

The Crash Course study aims to understand why crashes occur, the differences in crashes between and within individuals, and ultimately how to predict and prevent crashes using wearable devices.