Stanford: Scientist identify the underlying cause of rheumatoid arthritis


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I have to admit, I am still not being used to share my thoughts and illness(es) on the forum, but I am very happy that I received such a kind welcome here so far:angel::angel::angel:
It's great to see you posting and you have a lot to contribute :hug:
I brought him some rapamune research, including ones showing people with HIV taking it, and he prescribed it off-label for ME
That is awesome. I have encountered some medical professionals, that are really offended if you suggest treatments or bring research... I am glad, you have found someone, who works with you in an open-minded and even experimental way.

I have done a bit of research over the weekend into mTOR and sirolismus (rapamune) because it seems to have besides its immunosuppressive and (at least in animals some) longevity promoting effects also a mast cell inhibiting effects, which is pretty interesting because I am suffering from quite severe MCAS. Although I think it would be difficult to get a doctor to prescribe it for me...

It also seems to have an effect (on mast cells) via different ion channels, mostly kalium channels.
@Inara - I hope it is okay, that I tag you here, but I thought it might be interesting for you, too.

It's great to see you posting and you have a lot to contribute :hug:
@Gingergrrl Thank you - that is very kind.:hug: