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St Mary's Thistle, Turmeric, Vitamin D + Calcium


Senior Member
I found a bottle of "liver detox" pills in the cupboard. Each tablet contains:

St Mary's Thistle 2.5 grams (equiv. flavanolignans calculated as silybin 28.6 mg)
Turmeric rhizome 1.5 grams (equiv. curcuminoids 48.7 mg)

Also, I found a bottle of Vitamin D + calcium. Each tablet contains:

Cholecalciferol 12.5 mcg (equiv. to Vitamin D3, 500 IU, which I know is not that much)
Calcium (as calcium carbonate 1.5 g) 600mg

Even though I seem to be supplementing almost every basic mineral there is, I have never supplemented with calcium before. Is it a good idea to start supplementing with the above Vitamin D + calcium tablet? Or should they be taken as two separate pills?