Spinal MRI test results. I’m looking for advice.

I recently had a thoracic spinal MRI done. For five years or so my ribs have slipped out of place and are very visible uneven and the Dr thought that the problem might originate at my rib cage. I also recently got the diagnosis of HEDS.

The MRI found mild scoliosis, degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine and facet arthropathy in the lumbar spine. I was wondering if this rings any bells for anyone? I also wonder if I should start to consider seeking about a cranio cervical workup?

My main symptoms right now are severe body pain (joints, muscles, back and legs)as well as migraines.
GI problems, maybe gastroparesis
Fatigue and
Cognitive difficulties

Any thoughts are very appreciated!


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Hello @Golfinch.....Were you aware that you had scoliosis? FM can cause rib problems that make breathing difficult. It took years before I figured out what the problem was, or before it even showed up on an MRI.

As we get older cervical disc disease becomes more and more common. I have no idea how bad yours is and would suggest that you see a pain specialist (who may/may not want you to be interviewed by a psychiatrist. Since the fentanyl problem, this has become the new norm in many states. I wouldn't have an implant only because the info I have indicates they stop working after less than a year. They'll improve, but not at the moment.

You should also see an orthopedic specialist (probably before the pain specialist) and find out exactly what is recommended (take someone with you as answers get lost along the way). More tests may be suggested and that's fine. If you're sent to a surgeon, remember that his specialty is surgery and that may be the ultimate outcome. Still, I know many people who have spent years with just getting cortisone shots alone. It depends upon your age and general health as to what you decide to do. Intercostal pain refers to pain between the ribs, and I can certainly say that it can be painful especially when inflamed.

Ehler-Danlos Syndrome has many subgroups. You can look that up on the Internet.

Personally, I have both rather severe scoliosis (have had since birth), two other neurological illnesses that I've had surgery for many years ago, and at my age a host of other problems (diseases) that complicate matters.

Definitely ask about something like fosamax or something similar....I don't know if you could be put on it at this stage or not. For gastroparesis you would have to see a gastroenterologist. I don't know if you'll be sent to a neurologist or not. That may be the recommendation of the doctors you see. You'll probably also have to another MRI....this time with contrast (unless you're allergic to it). Good luck. Yours, Lenora.
Thank you Lenora,

No, I wasn’t aware of the scoliosis at all. Breathing is definitely difficult for me. Sometimes it can be difficult to tease out what is causing that for me because I also have dysautonomia.

Ok, I’ll look for an orthopedic specialist. That’s what I was wondering. This MRI was ordered by a pain management specialist but I haven’t spoken to him yet, I’ve only seen the assistant.

I’m so sorry to hear about your severe scoliosis along with everything else.

Oh also ty, I’ll ask about the fosamax. I’d never heard of it.