Something to Ponder

Oh, I'm so sorry @Lovetheland .

How is your sister holding up? How are you?

Can you use any of your animal healing skills to help her? Not necessarily cure her of the after effects, but just soften the road?

Sending you loving, hope-filled thought

Hello Again, so sorry for the delay in writing, but haven't really felt up to it, and have been so busy sending Healing to my Sister Barbara. I couldn't send any until I had permission, and that came last Sunday, but in the mean time, she has been diagnosed as having had two strokes, one worse than the other, as well as a heart attack, so things were bad. After that she also was thashing around and ripping her feeding and med tubes out in the night, and they thought she was having sort of sizures. After that she got a lung iffection, so she has really been through the mill. I started sending her Healing for her heart on Sunday, as I thought that was the main thing to start with, and kept it up even though she started getting all the other problems, as I felt if her heart stops the other things won't matter. The doctor told the family early in the week, that he would not recommend resusition, so that did not sound good. The last report I had today is that she is much brighter and has had a good day, although thrapy does tire her out. Thank you for all your kind messages and thoughts