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Solgar methylfolate 800 and 400mg


Senior Member
Has anyone ordered both of these? Can you tell me if the tablet looks the same in each or if the 800 is a bit thicker. I have mixed my tablets up and I'm not sure which is which. Thanks


Senior Member
I have, but only the 400mcg version. I don't think there's any difference in the tablets, they just use the same bottle and same tablet "format".

See here:

My experience with this product hasn't been very good, but it's not their fault I think. My digestion is not working well and apparently even taking 2-3 tablets doesn't provide enough methyl-folate for me.

When I tried sublingual m-folate the effect has been much stronger. In fact a sublingual 400mcg dose for me is stronger than a 1200mcg oral dose.