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So is this Induced/Paradoxical Folate deficiency?


Senior Member
I've finally been able to move up to 400mcg of folinic acid daily. Prior to that, a mere 200mcg daily of any form, whether it be folic acid, folinic, or methylfolate, would rip my stomach to shreds and cause anxiety issues. Each form affected me in the same manner.

I bought a new B-complex (Bio-B 100 from Biotics Research) that contains 100% of the daily values (in 3 tablets) for the B's, instead of some of the huge megadoses found in other B-complexes. I started with one a day, then worked up to the 3. I'm assuming taking a balanced B-complex is helping me handle the folinic better than when I was trying to just take it alone.

I was feeling better (sleeping better, severe shortness of breath due to folate deficiency was starting to lessen...), when two nights ago I popped one of my 1000mcg Enzymatic Therapy pills in my mouth to absorb overnight.

Well, there went my progress. Shortness of breath got a bit worse, nervous tummy and diarrhea, chills, a painful canker sore formed on the side of my tongue, some of my brittle nails chose to break, and I experienced a skin breakout. This is my second day of these symptoms.

This is Induced and/or Paradoxical Folate deficiency, right? I mean, over the years I've kept reading about it and tried to understand it, but today the light bulb finally seems to have lit up. I THINK I get it....I hope I get it!

If I can only handle 400mcg of folinic right now, should I be taking....like, 200mcg of B12? For someone who has a folate deficiency, is it better to take fairly small doses of B12 compared to your folate/folinic dose? Should I be taking a CRUMB instead?


Senior Member
Northcoast NSW, Australia
Skin, canker sore would be folate deficiency, for me. But breathlessness, and poss belly issues would tend to be overmethylation, for me. You might try 1/2 tab B12, or a crumb, as you say. good luck.