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Sleep Pattern Rotates from Insomnia to Oversleeping


Senior Member
Hi there,

I am just wanting to find out if others experience periods of insomnia and then all of a sudden periods of sleeping but wake up overtired, which includes wanting to sleep for long periods (like half the day).

I am so confused with my patterns of sleep. It seems for months on end I have insomnia and can't sleep, and I actually am not too bad energy wise without sleep and then cut to now, I am back to sleeping more deeply but I wake up exhausted and feel like I could sleep all day. I don't feel refreshed from the deep sleep. I don't even know why I am sleeping now? Like what made my body switch?

Sometimes I wonder if I have something like Bipolar II (Bipolar I runs in my family) because when I have insomnia, I seem to not be overly affected the next day with energy, but as soon as I get a period of sleeping I am feeling knocked out and exhausted. However, I think not sleeping eventually does catch up with me and I do crash.


Senior Member
Very sorry to know this pattern is happening with you.

Nothing to offer in terms of what could help... we are trying to be consistent because good habits help in the long run. You seem very aware of the situation, but answers are different for different people. I would put some time into insomnia research with the goal of good restful sleep consistently.

I'm sure you have described symptoms that everybody with this sickness either has previously had, or currently does have. This site has a good reference library.


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I also get sudden glitches with sleep, so maybe it's normal? Well normal for us anyway :D

I have had dsps most of my life (delayed sleep phase) so sleep rather like a teenager when left to my own devices. I don't call that insomnia, because I sleep well, just later than average people, and wake up later.

But sometimes yes, I get a glitch. There have been times I can't sleep until 6am, then only get 5 hours etc. Occasionally (but not regularly) cannot sleep the whole night through. I have learned to cope with that. I usually sleep 10-11 hours the next night after an all-nighter.

I have no idea why it happens. No obvious triggers. It's not body pain that causes it in my case, and not bipolar. Just sometimes even a sudden dramatic weather change can set it off!


Senior Member
I don't (at least haven't yet) had that problem. I do have a lot of things that trigger insomnia though, such as quickly-digestive carbs or physical activity later than early afternoon. Caffeine is right out. You might want to pay closer attention to see if something you eat or do is triggering the change.


My sleep is a constant issue, I've currently flipped my sleep schedule and have been unable to reset. I also have weird moments of hypersomnia, when I have to sleep (it's non discretionary), even if it is short nap. This has been very frustrating because it impacts already limited productivity.