Sleep pattern and symptoms


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I believe the insomnia that cfsers suffer from is due to inflammatory cytokines from viral infections or overstimulated immune system, usually the people who say they are wired but tired, who wouldnt feel somewhat depressed. The depression comes from being sick of being sick. This is where the general medical community have no idea about cfs and when we say we are tired but cant sleep they then say we are depressed and when a trial of antidepressants dont work they blame the patient for not taking them properly, My experience with them was that they worsened my insomnia, probably because insomnia was not cause by depression. Depression in cfs is situational depression due to our circumstances if its present, as its not always present. Even when there is no depression in cfs there can still be sleep disturbances. Sleep problems can also come about by an injury to the sleep centre of the brain from infections that cause cfs or opportunistic infections. sleep disturbances in cfs due to depression is minimal and this idea of sleep disturbance comes from the same people who think there is no immune abnormalities in cfs, if only we exercised more or just think positive thoughts we wouldnt have cfs, please!!! what a load of crap.