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Sleep help


Senior Member
Sth Australia
I hope i dont get into trouble with the mods for this post (not sure if Im about to do something against the rules or not.. cant remember where the rules are or if this is).

My CFS specialist told me to get light block out blinds as I cant sleep till almost daylight and then the daylight wakes me up. I got 2 blinds but my windows turned out to be different sizes and due to an odd size of a window i would of had to get one specially made.

My boyfriend then suggested wearing blindfold... and I tried two different ones but the light was still waking me up due to going in throu the bottom of the nose area between nose and face.. so he was surfing around for other kinds of blindfold for me and came across one which had a lot of good reviews.. so I ordered one of those.

This one does actually work!! It keeps the light out and is actually comfortable so I wanted to share about it here for anyone else who is having light waking them up. The company which sells the latest one Ive just started to use and are finally happy with is throu www.hibermate.com
(the only bad thing about them is it was expensive but for me.. being able to sleep in a little bit better is well worth the $35 Australia cost for sleep mask). (im in Austraila and it had free shipping for me)


Senior Member
I am glad to hear you have found something that helps tania - (was something I needed 2 years ago too).
This is what I needed when I used to live with my friend during my college days.
He had late night studies and I have to sleep with lights on, had a tough time adjusting to that.