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Severe Nausea Attacks - new symptom


Senior Member
Brisbane, Australia
I had a gastric-emptying test in 2017 which showed I was emptying OK (I don't know if that's worth a repeat)
Results from doing a Gastric Emptying Study (GES) can be different from day to day and a one off test result or 'normal' gastric emptying does not 100% rule out gastroparesis. Not that it matters though as the experts in this field have said for some time now that symptoms of gastroparesis and 'Functional Dyspepsia' have significant overlap and are syndromes that are indistinguishable from each other.
I started having these attacks more frequently. I say attacks as the nausea is intense with 2-5 hours of dry heaving, stomach pain and acid/food coming up my throat and they often come on very suddenly. I can feel fine one minute and be severely nauseous and heaving the next. I literally want to stop existing when they happen (I particularly hate nausea/vomiting).

They most commonly occur later in the evening, during the night or early in the morning.
Sounds similar to a case of SMA Syndrome I read about
Since my last messages I have been diagnosed with: SIBO, leaky gut, dysbiosis and a parasite. It pays to keep digging. I have started antibiotics for the parasite and will take a second antibiotics for the SIBO. I'm currently looking to work with a functional doctor to help me unravel and treat/heal my various issues.
So just the usual suspects being suggested then (except for the parasites) when they don't really have a clue about what the underlying cause could actually be. SIBO is very common in any condition involving GI dysmotility but it's the dysmotility that's the problem rather than SIBO.
Bile is often overlooked as a factor that can have a significant impact on motility and interestingly, ursodeoxycholic acid can work for treating bacterial overgrowth in Functional Dyspepsia cases.

Yoy can also fight bacteria with more bacteria, Fecal Microbiota Transplant can be effective for SIBO.