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The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
'Few patients' doesnt really apply here .... and there seems to be a fair amount of literature .... it's just that no one seems to particularly care.....
The first step in getting action is to recognize there is a problem.
So i'm glad they did this podcast and hope it has a wide viewership (or is that listenership?)

What i wish is that they had some ideas for treatments, its very important to diagnose people but i was hoping they had some treatment ideas.


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but i was hoping they had some treatment ideas.

Treatments for ME? Try practically anything. What works really well for a given individual may not work for anyone else. Finding what works well for you requires lots of experimentation and luck. Until they figure out what causes ME, no one knows what is more likely to work. At this point, they don't even know what part of the body to focus on.