SCIG vs IVIG For Autoimmunity


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Is it at all possible for IVIG to work when SCIG doesn’t? I’ve heard that with For autoimmune neurological disease, you need a high dose burst of IVIG to shock the immune system whereas SCIG is more stable.

does anyone have a reason why SCIG may not be working for me? I need some hope here. I’ve been living with this AE relapse for 10 months now.


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I'm bumping this so more people will see it and hopefully reply.

Even though I've never done SCIG, I researched it in detail prior to the 2-years that I did high dose IVIG. My guess from what you have described is that SCIG is just not able to provide a high enough autoimmune dose for you (like IVIG did). Although SCIG should be easier to tolerate re: side effects and other adverse events. What does your doctor say?