Ruggiero Speaking & Instruction For MAF 314 - Kansas October 5-6

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My experience of MAF314 was that I didn't need to start low or slow. If I had taken 10-20 mls of MAF314 it's possible that it would not be helping me or would have taken an incredibly long time to show any results. The advice may be good for his patients and for some people using MAF878 but I wonder how many MAF314 people (not patients of Dr Lewis) would agree with you.

There wasn't much of a sign either of MAF314 working "at the site of the problem" unless my entire problem was in the glands and the tonsil area. The immune activation that occurred for me was I think if the tonsillar ring and looked like a diagram that I found on the internet.'s_tonsillar_ring

i found an old talk or paper of Dr Ruggierio's where he talks about I think macrophage activation from that area.

Dr Lewis must be making a potent MAF314 if his patients can tolerate only a small amount. It may be that your advice is only for his patients but we don't have enough people posting here to know if all MAF314's need to be taken in small dose. The dose you mentioned is smaller than any other MAF314 produced using the Ruggerio method that I know including his own trials.

With MAF878 there is one patient taking a toothpick portion but I have noticed little good effects on my health on the full dose. There is no consistency here.

If people take a small dose of the MAF314 it's possible that they won't see any results - apart from the patients of Dr Lewis that is.
Don Lewis seems to think it may be the colostrum he uses. He has now started a new source of colostrum that may be even more potent. Don has some 50 people on his MAF314. One person has had to start at 1 ml. every one is different.
the reason we say start low and start slow is because many people are herxing severely by using what amounts to massive doses. It is easier perhaps to increase the dose than to lower it.
as for the term trial - he is using it but collecting the data along the way.
The patients are filling in a diary on at least a weekly basis.
there are about 50 people in New Zealand on GcMAF
including 1 melanoma 4th stage who is improving.