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Rich - My Methylation Pathways Panel Results.

Hi Rich,
Below are the results of my Methylation Pathways Panel, which I was wondering if you could share your wisdom on please? I did do your Simplified Methylation Treatment many moons ago and was in contact with you back then – I don’t really know why I stopped now as I do think it helped me a little at the time…but not enough for me to continue! I have taken MethylB12 injections on and off for years and have recently started taking them again (after this panel was drawn) about two weeks ago.

Glutathione (oxidized) 0.58 ref. range: 0.16 – 0.50
Glutathione (reduced) 2.9 ref. range: 3.8 – 5.5
S-Adenosylmethionine (RBC) 215 ref. range: 221 – 256
S-Adenosylhomocysteine (RBC) 53.6 ref. range: 38.0 – 49.0
5-CH3-THF 10.7 ref. range: 8.4 – 72.6
10-Formyl-THF 4.7 ref. range: 1.5 – 8.2
5-Formyl-THF 5.10 ref. range: 1.20 – 11.70
THF 0.53 ref. range: 0.60 – 6.80
Folic Acid 12.7 ref. range: 8.9 – 24.6
Folinic Acid (WC) 13.3 ref. range: 9.0 – 35.5
Folic Acid, active (RBC) 310 ref. range: 400 – 1500
Adenosine 24.9 ref. range: 16.8 – 21.4

Any insight into what you are seeing here will be much appreciated.
Many thanks,


Senior Member
Hi, kookaburra.

I'm glad that you ran this panel.

I would say that your results were pretty typical for a person with ME/CFS.
You had glutathione depletion, and you were suffering from oxidative stress.
Your methylation cycle was partially blocked at methionine synthase.
You probably don't have upregulating SNPs in your CBS enzyme.
Your methionine was probably not depleted, though I can't say that for sure.
Most of your folates didn't look too bad. THF was being held down by the partial block of methionine synthase.

The main reason for your partial methylation cycle block was probably the lack of sufficient methylB12 to serve as the coenzyme for the methionine synthase reaction. This was due to the functional B12 deficiency, caused by the depletion of glutathione. The folates were not limiting in your case, though when you get B12 up, they may become so unless they are supplemented, also. Note that the simplified methylation protocol includes both B12 and the folates, as well as supporting nutrients.

Adenosine was high, but will probably recover when the methylation cycle partial block is lifted.

A methylation protocol would likely help you. It's possible that you have deficiencies in some of the other vitamins and some of the minerals and/or amino acids that serve as cofactors for this part of the metabolism. I see that in many cases, but it can't be determined from this panel by itself. It may be that your success with the treatment in the past was limited by lack of enough of some of these cofactors. That seems to happen a lot. If you want to check that out, I would suggest running something like the Metametrix ION profile or the Genova Diagnostics NutrEval profile. Both are available from www.directlabs.com without a doctor's order. Or you could just supplement these things and hope to cover any deficiencies. I favor testing, but I realize that it costs money.

I recommend working with a physician when on this type of treatment.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Hi Rich,

Thank you so much for your speedy response - I will re-start your Methylation Protocol ASAP. I’m very excited that I have this methylation block as it gives me something to work with! J The main problem I have is chronic pain (which I mostly have at night) that I would love to get rid of. GSH liquid glutathione has really helped with this in the past but it is so expensive that it’s not an option for everyday use.

I’m a patient of an excellent doctor here in Minnesota so I am fortunate to have her guide me. I’m so much better now than I was when I tried the Simplified Methylation Protocol before I feel like I can handle any potential issues with more ease.

I will keep you posted on how things go; no doubt I will have a few questions along the way.

Thanks again,