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Results of caffeine clearance detox testing


Senior Member
just got the results of my coffeine clearance test. And really don't know how to understand it:

Cyp 1A3 activity 12,32 ref range 4,4-5.34
Cyp 2A6 activity 0,07 red range 0,14-0,18
xanthinoxidase activity 0,25 ref range 0,59-0,69
N-acetyl 2 transferase activity 0,82 ref range 0,05-0,31

All results were outside the reference range, but what does it mean? High n-acetyl.... makes me a "fast" acetylizer?

Any suggestions?
Thank you


Senior Member
I had to look it up, looks interesting as a liver functioning test if disease is suspected but routine liver function testing of bilirubin etc. is normal.

Which lab did you do that test with?
Do you know your genetic mutations?

I react in an overstimulated way to caffeine and always suspected liver problems although imaging and routine bloodwork shows no problem, doctors don't want to know anything more about it.

P.s. I think you made a typing error. Caffeine goes by CYP1A2 if i remember correctly.