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Reaction to B6??


Senior Member
Over the years I’ve tried B vitamins (in combos and alone) and more often than not they cause an increase in jitteriness and this all over skin burning sensation I feel.

(I am COMT ++ so learned long ago to avoid methylated forms of Bs)

Im tolerating Adeno B12 right now and considering adding B6 based on the recommendation of @Lerner1 and the fact that my OAT test shows high oxalates.

2 questions: why would B6 cause jitteriness / burning? If I decided to try again, I will utilize P5P....what dose should I work up to?


Senior Member
I can't be much help @Hoosierfans The only experience I have had with B vitamins is....
Very high dose very high quality B complex -felt worse. I didn 't take B6 alone, only in the complex.
My "worse" does include what could be described as "jitteriness"....or an unpleasant shaking/vibrating sensation. That's only one of the symptoms though.
Small dose B complex perfectly okay (i.e. the supermarket stuff.)

B12 (methyl B12) no harm at all, and I took it for some time expecting some help from it. Didn't make any difference at all I don't think, but seemed to do no harm either. I decided to save my money re: that. But I know it can help some people.