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RBC Folate Test?

Little Bluestem

All Good Things Must Come to an End
I think if it is high, it indicates that you are not utilizing folic acid. You might want to ask your dr. or someone to be sure.


Senior Member
Salt Lake City
Is there any point to an RBC folate test?

Hi Ema,

Would it stop you from trialing l-methylfolate, or whatever, to see if it makes a difference for you? The tests are not particularly good predictors of lack of benefits. Perhaps it has a use if it can detect paradoxical folate deficiency. However, it still may not be a good predictor of lack of benefits, of "full adequacy". For myself, to achieve and maintain healing I had to keep working on "the next thing" and had to adjust doses of other vitamins via titration. If you have been reading about too much B1, B2, B3 you can see the reasons to titrate. AdoCbl/MeCbl and l-methylfolate especially, needs to be titrated for effectiveness, as it's effectiveness appears in about 5 distinct levels or more so that some layers are have relative sufficiency and others have insufficiencies. That can happen with any folates that work for a person, a mix of sufficiency and insufficiency, and very paradoxical symptoms and tests. This is one of the things that makes folates a complicating factor.