R U Amygdalized?

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Anyone undertaking the Gupta programme enters into a catch 22 situation in that focusing on the pathologies
of me/cfs leaves you vulnerable to the amygdala activation that Ashok Gupta proposes perpetuates the illness.

This is a bit of a bind if you consider that many of us may need to pay particular attention to areas that need tweaking.
ie Gut problems, liver function, viral treatments etc.

Taking the theory as gospel would seem to necessitate dropping too much investigation into symptoms and testing.
How you deal with this conundrum is a personal issue i guess.

If you need more convincing of the theory behind amygdala activation read


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Note; He does talk about this theory as relating to a subset of patients
Appparently all these Gut symptoms etc are supposed to disappear if Gupta works. I have done Gupta for over 4 yrs and responded well in the beginning but stressses came along and I kept dipping. Now I have added TRE work through a Gupta coach I am finally making inroads. For some I believe, Gupta is great and cures some. I have seen these people and know them. But for others it is great in helping us to just exist with the illness and make our lives more bearable. Dr Bercelis work in releasing the trauma from the brain thru tremoring, is making more sense to me and is helping me more. I am far more relaxed and developing more energy. I reckon Ashok will introduce it into his program and it is nice some of the coaches are going outside his framework to teach TRE