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questions about caution with vitamin A & E


Senior Member
I'm planning to start methylation and want to get the basic supplements down before then.

I haven't started vitamin A or E yet, as I'm usure of what is the best way to do it or if they are safe? I see so much contradicting advice out there, and I realize there might not be a definitive answer, but I would love to hear other peoples input and experiences with this.

Through diet and fish oil I get around 50 mg vitamin E and 3500 IU vitamin A every day.

I've seen 10 000 IU vitamin A recommended, which I have no chance of reaching without a supplement.

I have bough the Now foods Gamma-E-complex, but it has only 200mg Gamma-tocopherol out of 600mg total tocopherols, so I'm not sure it's a worth while supplement?

what are you supplementing?