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Question about Folapro and Histamine


Senior Member
Hey there,

I wanted to ask if anybody knows how I could proceed?

-> I started the Dr. Myhill Methylation Protocol a couple of weeks ago for pure desperation and the desire of finally doing something. I can say that I feel a little better, and though I do not know whether for that reason or another, I would go on. Yet...

I discovered in the last two weeks that I seem to be intolerant to Histamine. Reducing Histamine helps me quite a bit. Now, Folic acid is said to release lots of that, unfortunately. I ask myself, does the protocol make any sense without Folate? I would let go of the Folate, as Histamine causes (or seems to cause) anxiety and panic attacks, but I do not want to stop methylation completely.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you everybody!



Senior Member
I can tell you my experience... it might help.

I have been suffering, among other things, from a non-well defined histamine problem where I get lots of pin and needles in my back, torso, arms without skin rashes. The specialist said it's a form of dermographism and gave me tons of anti-histamine drugs to keep the discomfort away. This was 20+ years ago.

4-5 years later a clean diet helped a lot, removing processed foods, excess sugars etc... the problem was cut by 60-70% making it more manageable. And I was able to cut those horrible drugs which gave me dizziness, brain fog etc...

Fast forward to 3 years ago I started a methylation protocol, B12 and folic acid and I immediately noticed a return of those symptoms. Especially high dose methyl-B12 was clearly causing a raise in histamine.

I kept going slowly making sure that the dosage of folate and B12 was tolerable. After a month or two I would try to increment a little bit and observe the symptoms. If they returned I would back off otherwise keep going.

It just takes a frickin' lot of patience :) And I am of the impulsive/impatient kind, so I had to take it easy and control the anxiety to rush through the protocol.

I think nobody here would recommend to leave folate out of the protocol. It's too important and it supports B12. Keep in mind that both B12 and folate may cause some histamine problem. But they are both essential and work together.

The strategy is to be super patient, start low and slow and take it one step at a time.

In 3+ years I went from 500mcg of methyl-B12 to almost 10x the dose. Similarly with methylfolate. And it's helping.

Good luck (and sorry for the rather long post :) )


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Northcoast NSW, Australia
@misskatniss Just a few supps which have worked for me to decrease histamines: rutin, mangosteen, also royal jelly for mast cells. I've found rutin as effective as OTC anti-histamines, effective almost immediately. Hope your folate is going well. cheers, ahmo