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Protective effects of lactoferrin against intestinal mucosal damage induced by lipopolysaccharide...


J'aime nager dans le froid style Wim Hof.. 🏊‍♀️🙃
Geneva, Switzerland
Hey, this paper means: lactoferrin could improve leaky gut!

Thanks 100x for posting! I cannot believe that nobody answered this thread and not dozens of people liked. All the many PR members with leaky gut, intestinal inflammation, brain fog due to gut LPS getting into their blood, etc! Don't they want to get healthy?

Are you still interested in this topic? I see in your profile that you stopped posting on PR May 2018. Hope you are around?

I made a first positive and surprising experience using a really low dose lactoferrin. Soon I will go for more, trying to address my main problems that may well respond to lactoferrin.
May I ask you:
  • Did you try lactoferrin?
  • Did your gut improve?
  • Did any labs improve?
I had many labs done related to leaky gut (if anyone interested, just ask). Surprisingly, only one of them was positive: DAO (diamine oxidase, the major detox for histamine and many other amines). DAO is produced in the small intestine, so damage to intestinal cells is a good candidate culprit for low DAO. Moreover, a low DAO is used by researchers as an indicator of leaky gut:
But while all other leaky gut tests were negative in me, DAO really is the single most important lab for me that holds the key to all my trouble: I had lots of DAO tests done and can say now with certainty that my DAO levels relate well to symptoms. At low levels I am suffering like hell, at high levels I am half healthy. And interestingly, DAO issues are a cause of neuropathy (which I have) and neuropathy is a cause of POTS (which I have, and yes, it is tested to be the neuropathic variant)
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