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Progress report


Senior Member
Sydney, Australia
Thought i'd post a quick update report.

I'm about three months into methylation and i'm starting to feel really good. I worked my first full week last week in about 7/8 years and still had energy for the weekend. I still get tired mind-you but it's manageable and not debilitating. Socially I still prefer to be fairly quiet and reclusive but I think that will change soon too. It's clear to me that I need high doses of MB12, i'm currently at 15mg daily and working my way to 30-50mg daily. I quite possibly need high doses of methylfolate too but still unsure about this.

My current methylation supplements are:
MB12 15mg daily, Methylfolate 2400mcg daily, LCF 500mg daily, Sam-E 200-400mg daily, ADB12 5mg every other day. Co-factors: vit c 3-5 grams daily, d, e, Omega 3, biotin, taurine 500mg twice daily, phosphatydil choline 900mg twice daily, manganese, molybdenum, cal/mag, and of course potassium about 1400-2100mg daily.

I also recently started adding in p5p 50mg daily at night, and 40-60mg zinc picolinate daily in the morning to treat pyroluria. I'm yet to add B6 HCL.

Thank you so much everyone for posting all the information on these forums over the years and allowing me to be able to help myself.


Ex-workaholic adrenaline junkie
Gald to hear you're feeling so much better and back to work! Respect for all your hard work to get here, and blessings on your journey all the way to the top!