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problems with thiols/sulfur - methylation protocol by dr rich van k?


i am new to this forum. i am no native speaker. i try my best to explain my situation. hope you can give me advice.

i have very severe me/cfs. i know now it comes from an extremely strong mercury toxicity.
i removed my amalgam fillings 4,5 years ago. then i detoxed with dmsa.
the beginning was good. but i could only tolerate dmsa for a short time. then it turned and my body started to detox mercury by itselfs like crazy. i got very strong liver problem. my liver was not able to excrete the mercury which was mobilized so strong by my body´s own detoxification. i got a big toxin accumulation.

the second problem i got, was problems with thiol foods and thiol supplements. i can not tolerate any supplements with thiols ( free sh groups) and by time my sensitivity to thiol foods got worse and worser. now i have extrem symptoms if i only eat a little thiol food. i have no problems with elementary sulfur like in meat/fish.

i read a post in the cutler forum. there was a person who also had alike problems and did the simplified methylation protocol by rich van konynenburg.

do you think i should start the protocol? i am scared it could detox more. and my liver is not able to excrete the toxins.

otherwise i think i have those serious problems with the sulfur. maybe my transsulfuration isn´t working well.
maybe doing the methylation protocol, could help my liver to detox better?
would this protocol adress my problems with sulfur?

are there other supplements i could try to get my sulfur problems better?

kind regards,


Senior Member
Northcoast NSW, Australia
Hi cinnamon. Personally, I did not get results from rich Vank's SMP. However, I've had Fantastic results from Freddd's protocol, which differs in several aspects. I've been using chanca piedra, a herb known as "breakstone" for my liver. I started using it when I got sever gall bladder pains, and have continued it since, with good results. When I was in a major detox a couple months ago, I self-tested for more of the herb, and it helped me through.

Re thiols, I'm also on low thiol diet. And Freddd's recent comments about using low dose B vitamins, instead of the high dosages I'd been on, have significantly reduced my sulfur, as B vits are high sulfur. Sterling Hill, at mthfrsupport.com, was where I first learned of supps to balance sulfur. Lysine and yucca are advised. I started yucca tincture, as I'm on GAPS diet and avoiding starch, which the powdered form of yucca is. It tastes pretty nasty. Then I discovered amino acid ornithine, which does the same and has no taste. bye bye yucca!. I'm also using Amy Yasko's CBS RNA drops. they're v expensive ($85/ small bottle), and I've been able to reduce my drops, especially after I lowered my B vitamins. If I can keep the dose down to 4 drops a day, it'll last twice as long as my first bottles. My hope is that as healing continues, I'll be able to quit the Yasko RNA drops. Best to you, ahmo

Here's Freddd talking about low-dose B vitamins: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/inde...fs-and-minus-100-pounds.25788/page-2#post-403

And here's a short version and a long version of his protocol:


hi ahmo,

chance piedra sounds really interesting. i don´t know if i have stones in my gall bladder. but it is worth trying.

that is really interesting what you write about high dosages B vits. i don´t take it for years, because every time i it took a capsule B50 complex. i got nausea and headache,

l tried lysine and ornithine . it did not help me. i took high dose ornithine, because i thought i had problems with ammonia. that was after amalgam removal. but it got better by itselfs.

so i will try yucca. the CBS RNA drops are to expensive unfortunately.

thank you for the the links mthfrsupport.com
and Freddd protocol.
i will study this.

best to you too.

kind regards