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Post-Concussion Syndrome may come with PEM

Qld, Australia
With my very limited layperson observation, people with neurological conditions show similar symptoms of PENE with exertions. They also show sensory stimuli and information overload.
Because PENE is for ME-ICC that is identified as neurological disease, I personally believe people with brain injury experience PENE as well.

I would like to see scientists take this question as an opportunity for understanding ME-ICC.

Husband of

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This may be if interest to this discussion
Suggests long COVID patients with previous history of Traumatic brain injury have worse symtpoms than those without

Suggests it's a cumulative neurounflamation effect

Says something similar has been shown in Lyme patients

as the older patients, who have weaker immune systems, had less severe symptoms, suggests possible involvement of immune system

suggests treatments could be developed that target inflammatory pathway

interesting for those who understand these things: "According to the preliminary data, exosomes from those who had a combined history of COVID-19 and TBI caused inflammation in the lab-grown astrocytes"