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Possibly Great Grant Source: The Gates Fdn Neglected Diseases


Hubcap_halo just posted in the stem cell thread that The Bill Gates Foundation, under "grant seekers," has a "negelected diseases" section.

Hmmm, since they only accept letters of interest from 501(c)(3) and other tax-exempt organizations, I wonder if the CAA is the best agency to apply for this? What they do seems to fulfill the requirements.

Then the CAA could
> immediately fund getting rid of ANY and ALL references to CBT and GET being appropriate treatment & instead put out warnings against them,
> as well as adding to the funding of good research that they've got going: add WPI, Ila Singh, the Lights, ...........
> And partner with the documentary What about ME.
>Maybe fund at home blood draws for those who want to contribute to the biobank and can't arrange for a local lab to come and do it for free. OR - set up a system/partnership for labs to do this?

What other tax exempt groups are out there that are doing good things?

Funding for Neglected Diseases Grants

We accept letters of inquiry (LOI) for grants in our Neglected Diseases initiative. Occasionally, we issue requests for proposals (RFP).

* We only accept LOI from 501(c)(3) and other tax-exempt organizations.
* We do not fund grants to individuals.

Funding Priorities
We invest our efforts where we determine that effective and affordable methods will treat and eliminate the effects of the disease, and, in some cases, eradicate the disease itself. Often, the best approach is a combination of strategies integrating prevention and treatment. Because few of these diseases are addressed or well funded, weve formed a network of public, private, and nonprofit organizations. We form partnerships with organizations whose projects support the following strategies:

* Improve diagnostics so that diseases can be detected early.

* Develop vaccines and drug treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable.

* Control the source of the disease.

* Attempt to eliminate or eradicate some diseases entirely.

* Advocate for public support to address these neglected diseases.


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There is some possibly conflicting info on the Gates Foundation website. Specifically, the Neglected Disease page states that "Poverty, lack of attention and resources, and inadequate treatments and control programs exacerbate the impact of infectious diseases in the developing world." The Grantmaking Priorities page states that "Examples of areas the foundation does not fund include: Projects addressing health problems in developed countries."

This suggests to me that the Neglected Disease program at the Gates Foundation is focusing on programs addressing infectious disease and parasites in developing countries. A few examples of what has been funded under the Neglected Disease program are listed on this page: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/topics/Pages/neglected-diseases.aspx


Thanks for that Jenny - none of that info came up on the first few pages.

I found this:

All Funding Priorities

Global Development
Funding Priorities

Agricultural Development
Emergency Relief
Financial Services for the Poor
Global Libraries
Urban Poverty
Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene

Global Health
Funding Priorities

Maternal, Newborn, & Child Health
Neglected Diseases
Pneumonia & Flu

United States
Funding Priorities

Early Learning
Emergency Relief
High Schools
Family Homelessness
Pacific Northwest Community Grants
Postsecondary Education

I'm wondering if a letter of intention might work. While ME/CFS doesn't fit immediately into their priority categories, it's of a nature with many of their intended objectives. The treatment of ME/CFS world -wide is similar to 3rd world disease status with poverty & education issues and is a global issue.


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Woodridge, IL
I would think that it certainly wouldn't hurt to try, even thoguh it definitely does sound like they a re only interested in third world countries.....perhaps if they knew that many people all over the world, including in their own country are getting treated as lesser citizens and receiving care about as bad as that in thrid world countries, they might reconsider....sersiouly, I think that they are focused on thrid world countries bc they are probably not even aware of how badly thier own country treats us - they probably don't even know that there are neglected diseases in the US/UK etc
I also think that we could try it. We can just explain our situation and we can write that there are only few sources for the research of our sickness. Maybe we can also try to write to many others successful businessmen or other personnes who support research/humanitarian organisations - maybe they would support us.
I think we have to do also more fore the publicity of CFS because maybe there would be a lot of businessmen who would support us but when they dont know about us....
There are a lot of possibilities what to do - just start it!
I just read in a newspaper that the Bill Gates Foundation supports the fight against HIV with 23000 million euros. It definitely seems like an interesting source of funding.


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I just read in a newspaper that the Bill Gates Foundation supports the fight against HIV with 23000 million euros. It definitely seems like an interesting source of funding.

I also checked it already longer time ago. I am not 100 % sure if they are also supporting the sicknesses like CFS. When I checked their priorities I was never sure if we could apply.
but english is not my language so It was difficult for me to understand and also I have really bad medical and research knowledges so maybe someone with better background could find there a possbility of application also for cfs. also maybe XMRV could be interesting for them