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United Kingdom
My gf mentioned tonight that her cousin has got a hay fever injection privately £70 - it seems to be some sort of steroid that works long term. But I know no more than this. Has anyone ever heard of this or taken it?

I am thinking of giving it a try as I think the hay fever is a bit worse this year.


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well, the tonsils are lymphoid tissue, it'll make sense for them to be specially reactive to "allergens"
see this study: https://www.researchgate.net/public...bution_and_role_of_mast_cells_in_human_tonsil
It says:
"Mast cells (MC) are an important component in inflammation and immune surveillance mechanisms, and play a key role in defense against bacterial infection. Since tonsils are involved in inflammatory and allergic reactions, and because mast cells are also part of these reactions, this study was to clarify the local distribution of human mast cells in tonsils. Tonsillar tissues were from patients suffering from chronic tonsillitis or hyperplastic tonsils, divided into atopy and non-atopy groups. The localization and distribution of mast cells was determined by immunohistological study using anti-tryptase and anti-C-kit antibodies. Furthermore, the expression of IgE was also investigated. We revealed that in both groups, mast cells were distributed in perivascular and interfollicular areas. However, the expression of tryptase and C-kit in interfollicular areas was more significant in non-atopy group rather than atopy group. In addition, IgE was significantly expressed in perivascular areas, crypt and subepithelial tissue of tonsils from atopy group. In contrast, there was no remarkable increase of IgE expression in interfollicular areas. The finding that mast cells are differently distributed in the tonsillar tissues incited us to investigate the possible new role of mast cells in the tonsillar tissues in inflammatory or allergic conditions. " (atopy means "the tendency to produce an exaggerated immunoglobulin E (IgE) immune response to otherwise harmless substances in the environment. ")
Could it be that the tonsils are just one area within the body where mast cells are significantly expressed. For example I've had reflux all my life. It's miserable. Perhaps there are similar eipthelial tissue or perivascular spaces throughout the body.
I think mine were removed at 6. I think it would make more sense that the connective tissue In general is more susceptible to hyperexcitability of immunological secretions???
Good find tho.
Both me and my brother had our tonsils out.
He runs 40 k a week or smthg like that..
My sister however has her tonsils. She suffers from histamine issues, endrometriisis etc...all concurrent with connective tissue problems.
I always fall back on the Rcccx theory as a unifying way to look at these overlapping diseases.
I always come back to the same idea.
The issue is in the tissues