POLL part 3. Finally, do you have any of these conditions too?

And do you have any of these not listed in the previous poll along with your CFS?

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vision blue

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Hopefully the last one...please consider taking the other two polls if you have not already. Those two more important...

Note i added the last two options (neck, arthritis) after a couple of people took the poll)
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Rufous McKinney

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we could do a whole similar thing with the physical spinal issues. So for me, there are the obvious spinal problems, then there are the unknown issues requiring the MRIs and exrays which never happen.


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interestingly - the cause of my CFS is now known - chronic Bartonellosis -
which is typically regarded as rare as a cause for CFS in the CFS community

but i notice that the items that i answered yes to - were the same 5 of the top 6 answers that other people with CFS gave - and the none of the remaining factors / diagnosis.

i am rather surprised by the degree of alignment

i would actually have scored 6 out of 6 - if i include peripheral neuropathy - which i did not answer yes to - as what i experience is mild and comes and goes - but technically i do experience some.