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Poll on lymph nodes and glands

The poll relates to symptoms you have sometimes or all the time.

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Glad I stuck to common names for the poll anyway! Not sure what - if anything - the results can tell us, I'm afraid. The most consistent thing so far is that most of us get swollen neck glands/nodes.

That's interesting, because the Fukuda definition claims only tenderness, IIRC. I would have thought docs would call swollen ones a "sign" and be more interested, but what do I know? :D

They check the ones under my jaw, and a couple ones on my neck, which all tend to feel thick and tender to me even when no fingers probe them. The ones under my armpits, though, those hurt the worst.

I never really tried to locate my groin or abdominal or or knee/elbow nodes and try to figure out if those hurt separately from other pains in those areas.

I think in a convenience sample with so few participants we can say only that such signs and symptoms do exist, and should be checked for. :)
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May I ask where? (You don't have to answer, of course.) I did think of including the groin/top of legs area but thought I'd better keep the poll manageable with just two areas commonly affected.
Yes of course :) Groin.


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Do folks find that the swelling increases after exertion - not immediately but maybe a day or two later? It seems to with me, so is perhaps a visible sign of exertion-induced immune overactivity?
What if it's the sides of my neck? Both sides. Today been especially severe after taking some Siberian Ginseng + other things. Feels fatter and feels like it's pulsing. Eleuthero root (sib ginseng) didn't used to effect me this way but my health is worse than it was few years ago. Siberian Ginseng in combination w some other things used to help me with anhedonia and general fatigue so I hope I can make it work. sensations in neck are very troublesome though :(. Even without the ginseng it happens on and off fair bit of the time.

Lot of supplements/meds cause neck issues too. Efra Dessicated Thyroid causes such neck tightness and worsens CFS. Makes me feel edgy and not worth it. Gingko, Omega, and other blood thinners often cause side neck pains. Various other sups as well but I forget at the time being.

I been very prone to infection. Wish I knew what to test for. Very low hormone levels I have and fatigue, extremely poor cognitive functioning, immense brain fog, memory issues, low energy, poor mental and physical energy. etc.


I have noticeably swollen and very sore glands under my jaw/neck for the past year. Red sore throat on and off. I've have accompanying tired/sore legs muscles which makes it difficult to walk for 5 minutes.

I don't know why this has sprung up in the last year.