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Poll: Famvir BRAND NAME vs Generic

Any difference between Famvir BRAND NAME vs GENERIC? (Poll is for folks who have tried both)

  • I do better on the GENERIC famvir

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  • No, I see no difference between the brand name vs the generic

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Senior Member
I saw a HUGE difference when I switched from Famvir generic to Famvir brand name. Did anyone else? Am I alone with this?


Senior Member
I saw a HUGE difference when I switched from Famvir generic to Famvir brand name.

Which one worked best for you? And what pharmaceutical company made the generic version?

Sometimes it is the absorption and bioavailability of the drug that can differ between Western brand name pharmaceuticals and Indian generics. The tablet formulation can determine how much of the drug is absorbed, and thus although the tablets contain the same dose, with some formulations, you may absorb more, and so get a stronger therapeutic effect.

It's possible that when formulations are less well absorbed, crushing the tablet into a powder before taking in may aid absorption (provided it is not an enteric tablet). Or increasing the dose slightly may make up for poorer absorption.
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