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I just resent my comments on yesterday's show at the website contact page: http://www.doctoroz.com/contact

However I also just got this reply to my email which was addressed to the producer (wrote yesterday when that was the address we had). So though Judy didn't necessarily want to be bombarded with emails, they have figured out how to deal with it:

Thanks for your email! The Dr. Oz team wishes it could respond to each and every one of you. Since we receive so many messages every day, we may not be able to personally respond to your note. However, please know it's been received--and much appreciated!

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Letter to Dr. Oz

Just sent this off to Oz-

Dear Dr. Oz,

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday's segment on CFS/XMRV. I felt this was a great vindication for the earlier CFS segment done with Dr. Teitelbaum, who I thought did great damage (I wrote you about this last week). On yesterday's show, you showed compassion, and shined a spotlight on a debilitating disease, which has robbed me of nearly everything I love in life 3 years ago. One of those things is exercise. If given the choice to return any part of my life that has been taken from me as a result of CFS, exercise would be at the very top of my list. Prior to my sudden onset of CFS I was in phenomenal physical condition- then one day a flu came- and never left. To your advice about exercise, please realize that I could and have summoned the will to exert myself and exercise- however, doing so debilitates me 24 to 36 hours later - and lasts for a month or longer. This is called "Post Exertional Malaise" and is one of the hallmark CFS symptoms.

In any event, I think you did a great job of getting recognition for us, which is so desperately needed, in order to secure funding for real CFS research which has been criminally ignored by the CDC for so long. After watching your segments, I felt a glimmer of hope that things could be changing, and that one day, I might actually have a shot at having my life back.

I have always been rough and tumble my entire life, and was never sick or hospitalized for anything prior to CFS. In fact, I very much prided myself on this fact. I used to brag that when I am 50 I will look 30- and when I am 70, I will look 45. It pains me to see what a cruel turn this disease has taken on my life. Being sick, near debilitated at times, and carrying this stigma has been a living nightmare. Being ignored, and at times exploited, has been unthinkable.

This is why I am so thrilled at what you accomplished on yesterday's show. You did a wonderful job for millions of people, and we are very appreciative. I sincerely hope you continue to use Dr. Donnica and WPI as your go-to CFS experts. They have no conflicting interests, and tell it like it is.

Please keep shining a light on this disease. We are very much in a desperate predicament, and need all the responsible media attention and advocacy we can get to turn this modern atrocity around.

I don't enjoy being a human guinea pig for a greater good. But if my suffering can help someone else down the road, I will have found something worthwhile in this horrific ordeal.

Kudos, Dr. Oz. You made the most of your power and position yesterday to help those in need. And we are thankful.


PS- CFS is not just a woman's disease!


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Very well written...so often statistics and 'facts' are thrown into letters or emails, but you took the time to concisely explain how it personally FEELS to have CFS...to 'live' with it...how it has affected your life.

Good job.

Thanks to all for your input, both here & to those who sent me emails & FB messages. I apologize to those I may not have answered personally, but I have been traveling without a computer & my in-box is so swamped I may have read messages but not responded. Back now & trying to catch up.