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Please consider donating to Dr David Tuller's Fundraiser. Ends May 2nd.


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Just a reminder, to please consider donating to David's fundraiser.

There are only a few days left until it closes on May 2nd.


Trial By Error: Reporting on ME, CFS, "medically unexplained symptoms," and related stuff
This is obviously a terrible time to be crowdfunding.

As in previous years, Berkeley had designated April as a month for campus projects to run campaigns on the university’s online crowdfunding platform—the last opportunity for the current academic year. Given the situation, the university has shortened but not cancelled the campaign. Some projects need to seek support before the next crowdfunding opportunity during the fall semester. In my case, the money I raised last year covers my salary and benefits through the fiscal/academic year ending on June 30th, so I am in the unfortunate position of having to crowdfund during a global pandemic.

As a result, I'm planning a more modest campaign now and a more robust approach during October's crowdfunding.