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Phoenix Rising Video press release

Hey gang,

I'm writing a press release about the Phoenix Rising video. My goal is to send it to newspapers before ME Awareness Day on Wednesday, May 12. To make it more interesting, I'd like to include quotes from at least one or two people with ME. There's tons of good material from the existing threads, but (a) I can't use them without permission, and (b) I need the quoted people's real names and locations. ("It was much better than Cats! I will watch it again and again," said Jane Doe from Idaville, Utah.)

This will be aimed primarily at a healthy audience that knows little to nothing about ME and may have serious misconceptions about it. If anyone has a story about how the video affected a healthy person they know, I'd be especially interested in that.

If you'd like to be included but don't want to post your real name/location here, please e-mail me: susan@cinderbridge.com.



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Help Cynderkeys!

I am giving this a bump for Cynderkeys! Please, everyone send a quote to cynderkeys so we can spread awareness about this disease! The song and video is a great accomplishment but we are not done yet! Now, we have to make sure everyone see's it!


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Cinderkeys -- Fabulous idea!! I am not sure what kind of quotes you are looking for, but you are free to use anything from my blog if you think it appropriate.
Thanks for all the replies! I think I have the quotes I need from people who participated in the video. I'm going to try to get a couple versions of the press release out by today for ME Awareness Day. After that, I'll be sending it out for ME Awareness Month.

If anyone wants to relay a quote from someone healthy who was moved by the video, please send it on.