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Per Fink and Schroeder criticize the IOM report, Clayton responds


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The new diagnostic proposal does not answer the question the important question of whether patients who have multisymptomatic ME/CFS have the same illness as patients with few symptoms.
Yea it doesn't, but neither does babbling around a bit then claiming that it's all the same.

And we don't need just need more research, but biomedical research because that can actually provide answers based on objective reality unlike psych research which is just well dressed opinion.


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northern Maine
I found Dr Clayton's reference to the DSM to be rather amusing. I certainly appreciate that she is pointing out the hypocrisy of the psychobabblers' demand that the SEID criteria meets a standard we seldom see in the DSM.

At the same time, the DSM is such a low-quality document that I wouldn't want my shiny new million-dollar criteria associated with it in any way.

I'm not at all impressed with Dr Clayton's claim that they listened to patients, advocates, clinicians, and researchers who clearly want the industry to use the Canadian criteria or a variation thereof. If they were really listening, then they must need new hearing aids.