Peginterferon Lambda (IFN-λ) to treat Coxsackie/Enterovirus B


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The new drug Peginterferon λ-1a (PEG-IFN-λ or PEG-IL-29), to treat chronic Echovirus and Coxsackievirus B.

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The treatment in a nutshell...

Chronic Enterovirus B is usually in your gut (GI tract)*
  • Enteroviruses invade gut/intestinal mucosa, as this is a reservoir for viral persistence. The mucosa consists of epithelial cells
  • Enterovirus found in parietal cells of ME/CFS patients. (Parietal cells are epithelial cells)
  • Again, Enterovirus targets the gastrointestinal epithelium
  • GI Tract, or intestinal epithelium, or intestinal mucosa, all same thing
* even if you know you have chronic enterovirus b in places other than gut (e.g. brain, pancreas, heart), it still likely means you have the infection in your GI tract still as well.

(GI tract) Intestinal epithelial cells are infected
  • IEC (intestinal epithelial cells) – those in the GI tract (aka barrier, aka mucosa, aka epithelium etc)

GI tract secretes IFN to destroy infection

Enterovirus B eliminated successfully by IFN

but wait... Coxsackie BLOCKS IFN III (lambda)
  • But Coxsackie B evades host’s immune response in the intestine by preventing type I and III IFN expression in epithelial cells
  • CVB cleaves proteins in infected intestinal epithelial cells, blocking IFN III expression.
  • Thus, evading immune response

Peginterferon lambda (IFN III) to the rescue