Pathophysiology of skeletal muscle disturbances in ME/CFS (Wirth and Scheibenbogen, 2021)

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And what is true of it?
I can't tell you. Berlin Cures - I was in contact with them and it's a very questionable company. That's the only thing I can say. If their test is better or more sensitive than the ELISA - I have my doubts, but I might be wrong.

Polymorphism would be the worst as you can't do anything against it.


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Ischemia (lowered blood flow) is one tie to brain and intestine dysfunctions in me patients. I have had scans identifying ischemia in the brain which can cause cognitive and sleep disturbances. I have also disaccharidase deficiencies for sucrose, maltose and lactose, which can be caused by intestinal ischemia (in the absence of any pathogenic cause). Many me patients are unaware they have these specific deficiencies but avoid these foods anyway.