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Pancreas, Gallbladder and CFS


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My wholly unsubstantiated hypothesis is that the body may use it as a "holding tank" for the mold toxins rather than letting them go through the intestines where (at least according to Ritchie Shoemaker's speculation) they will be reabsorbed into the body by the 24% of the population who have mold-susceptible or multisusceptible genes.

I didn't have any success with gall bladder treatments until I really got away from the mold. Then it started releasing all kinds of black mucus (which often came out in diarrhea) like crazy.

This is not only a hypothesis, here is a study (sorry, it´s in German) about the connection candida and gall bladder:


Gall bladder as reservoir for candida:

However, it should be borne in mind that the fungal colonization of the mouths is a risk to
for settlement in the gallbladder. As a result, the fungi can then, once in the
gallbladder, act as a permanent reservoir and risk for systemic, intestinal and
extraintestinal infections such as vaginal mycoses. In practice,
Experience has shown that this is the reason for often failured antifungal intestine treatments.
yes, there is Pancreas Glandular by Nutricology.. i take 3 with each meal. Also castor oil packs. biomagnetic therapy at home, with biomagnets and/or frequency specific microcurrent - pancreas or liver frequencies.. I made the greatest leap in healing with the microcurrent.. and yes to the other post , candida can get into the gallbladder. again above protocols..

Also take charcoal supps and/or cholestryamine about 20 min before 1 meal a day. this will renew the bile as the old bile will bind with the crud.
I've been wondering a lot about my pancreas a lot. Also, the gallbladder and to some extent the liver.

I've read so many things that sound similar to ME/CFS involving this area. I also know that autoimmune disease of the gallbladder blocks the conversion of the enzyme which converts the enzyme pyruvate to energy in the mitochondria.

We know if ME/CFS that pyruvate is not being converted to energy. I've mentioned this to my neurologist, but he said that I didn't have the positive markers for that. Or, maybe that was d-lactic acidosis. I can't remember.

Also, when this disease started I got a stinging sensation in the upper right abdomen and it has been there off and on / constant ever since over 10 years later. I sometimes feel it a little in the same place on the left side, but normally just right side.

So, this is very frustrating because if I have one of these known diseases, but it just isn't being diagnosed because it looks a little different, or my doctors aren't caring or cooperating I'm being very sick for over 10 years. I've also had my symptoms to a lesser extent my whole life, so this is just crazy.

I've also read an article that ADD is an early version of ME/CFS:

The symptoms I've had my whole life are related to lack of dopamine and feeling good and also feeling like my mind is spacing out, with brain fog. I also used to get electric shock sensations in the heart which I think are a type of palpation and also weird visual distortions like my vision was at a strange contrast and all the colors would look wrong with the brightness.

I'm currently doing the carnivore diet similar to what Dr. Sara Myhill suggests. I'm just eating fatty beef and water and taking bile and pancreatic lipase and protease.


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I recently wrote a post about the link between pancreas damage, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and CFS. There is just too little practical information for sufferers, with doctors that are very specialized in their silos and often do not look at the overall picture, nor have the available time to do a deep dive into the root cause. This is the thread: