Pacing for progress


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Hi I got fairly stable end of summer and had a good mth ..been paying for it since . I'm in a better place than I was . Neuro pain gone , no exhaustion , light sensitivity better , temp flucs gone .
However needing to be cautious with activity and still house / garden bound . Doing too much pre lunch esp is dangerous and can tip v easily .
My warning signs are feeling a bit ' weird , lymph node swell and flu aches and then I lay flat and rest and it passes .

Where do I go from here I ask myself ? ... Should I keep paced until the lymph and flu aches gone and then give it even more time ?

Any experience welcome thanks


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Doing too much pre lunch esp is dangerous and can tip v easily .

Morning are rough. I have to constantly remember not to be too hard on myself at that time of day.

I also need to learn to spread things out do one task and then sit down. It's just that when I get on a roll I want to keep going till the momentum wears out. Even so, I'm just doing very small tasks. It's just that I need to stop lumping them together so much.

I'm also thinking that I need to go lay down more. I'll sit down but not lay down but my heart races even with just sitting lately. It's a negative progression of my disease. :(

My warning signs are sleepiness and becoming very, very cold. If I do too many tasks and wait too long to lay down I get the sore throat/flu like feelings you describe.

I'm starting to think I'm going to have to do what this guy did in this post I mentioned. i.e, 15 minutes of activity and then disciplining myself to do 45 minutes of laying down in quiet solitude. :(