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Ongoing NIH XMRV Research Projects

sensing progress

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Tucson, AZ
Well, since the Minister of Health Canada said in an email to me that they would be pleased to fund research proposals for xmrv/cfs, except that they had not received any research proposal yet and that was many months ago, why doesn't the WPI partner with a research body in Canada and get the projects worked on partially in Canada? Can' t my country be leveraged to assist in doing some research work.

You should forward that email from Minister of Health Canada to Dr. Mikovitiz and WPI folks!! Contact info here: http://www.wpinstitute.org/about/about_contact.html


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I remember sending Cort a copy and a copy to Dr. Jolicoeur in Montreal. I think i may also have it on this site. I think I may still have the email. will search when i get home. Think it came around january or februarey.