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Ondamed machine

Has anyone taken alot of treatments with ondamed (machine)? Have heard it helps with healing-some good references for MS, Lyme etc. as part of their healing protocol. Just curious if anyone has tried this for a good while.

Talked to a Lymie who treats others for free. She bought it for herself since the first time she tried it she slept-her lyme is not cured-but she is better and sleeps well now.
I done 3 sessions on one. Was going through a bad patch ..Didnt feel any benefit from it though. I have heard it depends on your practioner and their experience with the machine as they have to set the frequencies .. Was curious about these machines but alas I received no benefit from 3 sessions...


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I had a lot of sessions with the Ondamed machine from a really experienced practitioner (an MD). However, I didn't really notice much benefit. Perhaps it also depends on the condition being treated--and mind was too complex.