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Now b12


Senior Member
Methyl B12 is claimed to be better than regular B12 (Cyanocobalamin).

B12 is better absorbed under the tongue (sublingual) rather than the oral route.

In my experience, I know that B vitamins metabolize quite fast, e.g., a few days. So, if you have a deficiency, then taking that vitamin should be noticeable. For instance, I experienced some horrendous panic attacks with fatigue, I used a nasal form of B12 and the results showed up within 24 hours, I was much better. If you have adequate B12, then results will not be as noticeable.

I use this as a good test to see if my theories are correct about deficiency, rather than taking for a prolonged period of time.

Keep in mind that B12 can be stimulating for some people, I know some people that had panicky feelings after taking.

Usually, it is better to take a broad form of B vitamins. The reason is that nutrients can play off one another. So too much B12 may deplete folic acid (which is a good partner to B12). Other B vitamins are necessary for metabolic functions.