Noticed a pattern - alcohol and / or benzos improve my cardio / endurance


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I bought an electric bike a year ago. And it's been great. Riding a regular bike kills me after only a kilometer or two, that's why an electric bike has been so useful.

Recently I've noticed something very interesting though. On a few occasions I could not use my electric bike and was forced to use the regular one. And the thing I noticed, when I am sober, get exhausted very easily like usual, but when I've drank a few pints and / or taken a benzo my endurance is greatly improved. Like I said, normally I'd get exhausted after a km or two, but if I've drank or taken benzos I could go maybe 5 - 6 km before this happens. Also this was not an isolated incident, it happened several times.

So I don't know, maybe this is where we have to look. Ron Davis already mentioned a GABA shunt or something like that and Whitney improves from Ativan.

Personally, I guess I will just have to be content of feeling a bit better on alcohol (no remission by any means though), better than nothing and certainly better than most of the supplements / treatments I've tried so far. Hope this helps.