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Non-toxic, odorless disinfectant


Senior Member
Hi All, with this covid19 thing, I have been trying to disinfect things when I bring them into the house. I sometimes use an alcohol solution and sometimes Lysol spray. The alcohol is OK but the smell of the Lysol really bothers me so I spray only a tiny amount, turn on the fan, and try to leave the room

Has anyone heard of something called Electrolyzed water? Apparently, when you add salt to water and run an electric current to it, you create a hypochlorous acid solution which kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi...it is totally non toxic, not corrosive to skin (some use it for acne and dermatitis), it has a very mild, barely noticeable chlorine smell, is safe for food, and you can even drink it!!

I ordered this solution online. It can be pricey but I ordered the cheaper one that is used on dogs but is "safe for all mammals". If I use it twice a day on my scalp, the seborrheic dermatitis I have been struggling with since childhood, is pretty much gone.

There are machines you can buy in which you can make your own cleaning, sanitizing, degreasing solutions....one by Ecoloxtech, one called ForceofNature, and a small sprayer called Egret

I read a study where it was given to rats as drinking water and eliminated some sort of bacteria in the rats....


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Los Angeles, USA
I mostly use 1.4% Hydrogen Peroxide. I bought this as a commercial product. When I run out I'll refill the bottles with 1.5%. To get this I'll get standard first-aid hydrogen peroxide and mix it with an equal amount of distilled water.

The only problem I've had is I have to be careful not spray it i away that is mists the air and makes my eyes burn a little.