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Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity — a look at the evidence


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Great article. I'm still seeing that they are only attributing digestive symptoms with gluten in celiacs. Most of the celiacs I know report other symptoms too.

I know one who just gets argumentative and has no digestive complaints. One who gets hand pain. Several reported ataxia. I get insomnia, myoclonus and a few spots that are probably DH.

With all the biopsy proven celiacs out there this would be an easy study.

They've really missed the boat on this.

tc .. x


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Cornwall, UK
There are other threads on this - do a title search for 'gluten'.

Two that I started are here and here.

It's very unfair that only coeliacs can get gluten-free food on prescription in the UK. I wonder whether that is one reason for the repeated official denials that non-coeliac gluten sensitivity exists...a broadening of the free prescription criteria would be rather expensive for governments with free healthcare systems.
I get full body swelling from gluten and some other foods, though I don't have a proper allergy. It's noticeable even to doctors :D