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Anyone here ever train in Ninjitsu?

I trained with an ex for a while...and for some time, I had an incredible amount of energy, and felt very peaceful.

I also lost weight and toned up incredibly quickly.

Anyone else train in martial arts when they can, and if do you feel?


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I haven't, but I'd be curious to hear from those who do.

I use subliminal CDs as part of my healing thang, and have been considering getting one for karate, as the sample affirmations are "I generate and project KI energy. I flow with the energy I project" - all of which sounds useful to me.


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I've never heard of Ninjitsu before. I trained in Aikido some years ago, which I still think was highly appropriate and beneficial to me at the time because I was ready for some kind of activity and I gained a lot of self-confidence from it; however it was always pushing me, albeit very gently, and I was sadly unable to continue. I never had such a dilemma with T'ai Chi, which has always seemed to me the most balanced and fundamental form and the right place to start, (and if so, perhaps the right place to remain?). Every teacher is different in emphasis of course and some emphasise martial yang forms of T'ai Chi quite a lot more strongly than I'm used to. Beyond T'ai Chi, my personal all-time favourite is Shiatsu, I am still feeling the benefits of yesterday's treatment, and I could never have contemplated something like Aikido without it.

As a treatment option, for people who can't exercise at all without PEM, I found Shiatsu to be wonderful, because the practitioner effectively does the exercise for you, and the balanced and blissful feeling that follows a session has to be experienced to be believed.


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Can't tell if serious or not...

(or whether guy above me is a robot)


Can't tell if serious or not...

(or whether guy above me is a robot)

The world is changing my friend... I'm a robot too.

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I trained in ninjutsu for a while. I didn't get decent at it until i started stretching more. Its stayed in there though.
As far as effective training, i think its not effective until you spend a long time doing it. I moved to kickboxing which was effective very easily.
But the ninjutsu training i find is very cerebral, you're thinking about twenty moves at once and until you have done it for a while, it doesn't seem useful self-defence wise. Makes the other arts a lot easier by comparison though. ;)


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I do/did kickboxing - unfortunately it currently gives me severe PEM since CFS - not all the time, but it's tough taking a chance when if it doesn't work out you spend 4-5 days in intense pain and barely functioning. Any advice greatly appreciated - maybe try to build up with tai-chi or something else at slower pace?
Tai Chi is a great option if you love martial arts but can't handle intense work outs. At advanced skill levels there's even sword work and such! But I don't know if it's feasible to get back to kickboxing by "building up" to it. ME isn't like being out of shape where exercise will necessarily make you stronger or give you more stamina.

You could try tracking your heart rate during workouts, then seeing how you feel afterward. If going over a certain rate makes you sick, then you can adapt to staying under that, and at least keep up your current stamina and strength, and stay in practice with the moves. You just might need to do it slowly and with more breaks.