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New to Methylation....

G'day guys,

I just wanted to put my DNA test results up to see if someone can give me some insight into treatments plans, still trying to get my head around it all.

Bit of a background; Australian as you may have guessed :) had CFS and related symptoms for 10 yrs now. Main issues are fatigue, anxiety/depression, chest pain upon aerobic exercise (only 28 yrs old- contrast test revealed mitochondrial dysfunction on apex of heart), very persistent fungal infection of urinary tract, bowel/prostate pain.

I stumbled upon methylation upon my research for my next treatment option and hoping it can get me back on my feet. Best treatment I have done so far was EBOO ozone therapy with Vit C and glutathione which lasted for approx 3-4 months before effects wore off. I have had a b-12 injection before from a GP and it had no effect.

Thanks for your help guys, hope your all well.



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Arizona, USA
You're what is called "compound heterozygous" for MTHFR. Methylfolate is a very important supplement for people like this. That is pretty much accepted, peer-reviewed science.

These results are in a different format that I'm used to seeing, so I'd have to do some checking before saying anything else. I'm guessing that you may need adenosylcobalamin, but also some others of the "deadlock quartet" (search for that) in @Freddd's protocol. Hope that's enough of a lead for you, as I need to get to work!
Hey there guys, thought I'd put up what I've experienced so far from taking a few of the methylation supplements.

Thanks Critterina for the reply before, it got me started and got me to order some supplements.

-Started with Jarrow 1000ug MeB12, which I since have found out isn't the best brand anymore but none the less still felt a fairly intense absorption or cramping sensation under my tongue and felt a sedated feeling around my occipital area where I have had discomfort for quite some time, possibly damaged nerves soaking it up? This sensation has since lessened/almost gone.

-At the same time as taking MeB12 I've been taking 400ug folapro. Noticed sedated and calm feeling.

I have since ordered 5 star brands of MeB12, AdoB12, Douglas labs B complex w metafolin, L Carnitine Fumerate and potassium glucanate.

-Today I have taken potassium, b complex, adoB12, MeB12 and methylfolate and havent really noticed any significant symptoms. Plan on taking LCF 1/2 hr before dinner.

Am I approaching this the right way?

Thanks guys!